About Cyprofil

Your Everyday Wound Care Solution 

Consisting of type 1 intact Piscean collagen, Cyprofil is easy to use. The Cyprofil Powder Haemostat encourages natural platelet aggregation, whilst the dressings and particles act as both a scaffold and a substrate, attracting Fibroblasts to the area and encourage wound granulation, contraction and healing. 

They are suitable for wounds in mammals including (but not limited to) Felines, Canines, Rabbits (Lagomorphs) Equines and Sheep (Ovines). 

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the mammalian body and it acts as a structural scaffold in body tissues (Brett, 2008). Type I, II and III are the main collagen types, with Type I and Type III being important for wound healing (Li et al, 2007) and playing a vital role in all stages due to a chemotactic role. 

Cyprofil Collagen attracts fibroblasts to the wound, acting as both a scaffold and substrate to support and encourage healing.  Made from Type I intact collagen from a piscean source it is hypoallergenic, non-immunogenic, biodegradable and extremely comfortable for patients to tolerate. 

Maintaining a moist wound environment is essential in wound healing by secondary intention. Collagen not only increases fluid exudates it also encourages macrophages and support for fibroblastic proliferation to ensure continued wound healing activity. 


When Would I use Cyprofil Collagen? 

Cyprofil Collagen can be used as a primary dressing in any wound to encourage the development of healthy granulation tissue.  


Here's How Natural Collagen Works

Collagen within the mammalian body is a vital and natural part of the wound healing process.

During both the inflammatory and proliferative phases of healing the body’s own collagen is both degraded by white blood cells and proteases, and new collagen fibres laid down by fibroblasts providing an Extra Cellular Matrix, or scaffold, for new tissue growth.  As the old collagen fibres are degraded, fragments are released which have a chemotactic action stimulating fibroblast proliferation and angiogenesis.  Growth factors are also secreted which guide collagen deposition and organisation.  This in turn encourages remodelling and proliferation of granulation tissue and endothelial cells and subsequent progression to healing.


Solution Where Does The Cyprofil Collagen Fit In?

The use of the Cyprofil Collagen Dressing, Film or Particles essentially acts like the body’s own collagen providing not only a matrix for tissue development but also a substrate for degradation.  Through the natural healing process the body will break down the Cyprofil Collagen releasing collagen fragments which again have that chemotactic effect, encouraging fibroblast activity, the development of healthy granulation tissue and thereby progression to healing.

The Cyprofil Collagen Dressing, Film and Particles are suitable for use in any wound to encourage the formation of healthy granulation tissue and the Cyprofil Particles have the advantage of being able to be mixed with Saline or Hydrogel to form a paste that will maintain intimate wound bed contact even in cavity or irregular shaped wounds.

The Cyprofil Collagen range has also been shown to be effective in encouraging healthy granulation development in more difficult to manage wounds including those with exposed tendon or bone, pocket formation, after initial wound dehiscence or in those wounds stuck in the late inflammatory phase, here the collagen degradation acts to reawaken the healing process.  

For optimal results with the Cyprofil Collagen range it is advisable to ensure the wound is free of contamination and infection prior to use as the excess inflammatory activity and exudate will speed up the degradation process limiting the benefit that is seen from use of the products.